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Often a model and serial number from your equipment is all we need to identify your engine.
Some engine manufactures provide additional numbers to speed up and verify your engine ID.

On Perkins engines this number is called a Build List number.

On most Perkins engines the build list number will be on a small metal tag riveted to the block slightly above and behind the injection pump behind the injection lines.

The tag will have two letters followed by a series of numbers, a "U" and another number series.
The build list number is all the characters up to the U. The U and everything following is the engine serial number. Perkins reused these numbers occasionally so it is not completly reliable.
The letter code at the beginning will tell us what engine you have and the numbers following give an exact application.

Older Perkins engines may have it stamped into the block at this location, or either of the upper rear corners of the block, or on the very back of the block above the bellhousing.

There are older engines that used a different numbering system as well. These numbers will be stamped in the locations described above. We do not see these very often so we do not have any pictures unfortuantely.

The earlier models of 6 cylinder Perkins engines, the 6.354 and 6.354.4, could have the build list number in an unusual location. Immediatly to the outboard side of the injection pump the build list will be stamped into the injection pump mounting boss.

Later model engines such as the 1004.42 and 1104C44 may have a sticker along with or instead of a riveted tag. It is located in the lower rear portion of the block on the injection pump side.

The build list number on the sticker is located here.

These stickers come in a few varieties however. Yours may not look exactly the same.

If you have a Perkins engine in a Caterpillar application the numbers on your engine are specific to Caterpillar and we can not look them up. Please provide the information off of your injection pump instead.

The tag on the injection pump is located here.

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