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Q: What is the valve lash / head / main / rod bolt torque for my engine?

A: We have provided our internal spec sheet here. If you need more information please dont hesitate to call!

Q: How do I set the cam and crank timing on my engine I'm reassembling?

A: We are working on building database of notated pictures to help with this question. You can find what we have here. Its not quite complete yet but we are constantly taking more pictures and adding to it! If you need more information or your engine isnt pictured give us a call we would we glad to help!

Q: I need to find my Perkins build list number / Cummins CPL and family numbers. Where can I find it?

A: We have pictures and details on how to find the Cummins data tag here and the Perkins build list tag here

Q: Do you have any good used engines for sale?

A: We do not have any information on the functional condition of our cores, so we can not provide any for sale.

Q: What is the warranty on your engines?

A: Our official warranty on our long block engines is 6 months or 1000 hours. Our goal is to provide a quality, reliable product. If at any time you feel you did not good service from one of our products let us know. We would be happy to provide further details about our warranty upon request.

Q: What is included with your engines?

A: Our long blocks include the valve cover through the oil pan, the gear case, front cover, and all the timing components. If your engine is diesel or turbocharged the injection pump, injectors, and injection lines or turbo are included as well. Our engines do not include any electrical items such as distributor or alternator, any manifolds, or mounting hardware.

Q: What brand of parts do you use in your engines?

A: We use a variety of parts including OEM, Hastings, Mahle-Clevite, Fel-Pro, Melling, Silvolite, Durabond, SBI, Cloyes, and some imported parts as well. Whenenver you buy parts from us they are the same parts we would use in our rebuilt engines.

Q: My engine has a hole in the block / broken crank etc. Will I be charged all of your core deposit?

A: No! As long as you return your core like for like you are guaranteed a 65% refund of our core deposit in cases of some type of catastrophic failure. We can always find something to use off of a bad core. If there is a lesser problem with it we will only charge what it costs us to fix the core.

Q: What oil should I use in the rebuilt engine I purchased?

A: There is no specific break in oil necessary as we do some of the break in here. We would suggest checking your service manual for your equipment and see what oil it suggests. If you dont have a manual our general suggestion would be a 10-30w oil for an engine that sees part time use or a 30w oil for constant duty.

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